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Luis Amando todo el paquete. Ya os robaré uno físico para el coche. Favorite track: Cherry Red (Yhe Groundhogs cover).
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released January 4, 2016

Darío Buñuel: Guitar, vocals
Isabel Wash: Bass, vocals
Javier García: Drums




RED APPLE Madrid, Spain

The band started in 2006 and we continue punishing ourselves playing and we enjoy it.
We play rock and roll as you remember it, like you have never heard it.

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Track Name: We could stop it right now
We could stop it right now
but this home is so warm
and this ice cream so soft
We could stop it right now
but this car is so fast
and life is so short

I could drop this guitar
I could burn up my clothes
I can blame noone
It's long time I chose
I could buy me a gun
And kill the president
While feeding a kid
with my left hand

We could stop it right now
but the risk is so high
we got so much to lose
We could stop it right now
but we should be real tight
and we feel so loose
Track Name: Save me rock and roll
You are the last thing left I've got to hold on
So rock and roll save me rock and roll
You are the last thing left I've got to hold on
So rock and roll save me rock and roll

And I said:
Or maybe I should die
And she said:
If you want to you'll die
And I said:
Woman wait with that scythe
I'll have my second thoughts by this shore
Track Name: One girl band
I went so far to see you play
as you had done for me one day
both gigs where short of people
you could see I was there with my tipple
lighted my fire
I grew up with a wild desire

I got lost in what a song lasts
I can't help it, is my turn on
but you will leave
with your sound blast
I fell in love with the one-girl band

No man around can tie you down
as you roll form town to town
I'd like to join in and hit the road
but any guy is such a heavy load
Only girls
and they are few
are hard enough to follow you

One gig a night is enough for me
but the one-girl band plays no less than three
Track Name: Condescending girl
Condescending girl am I so pathetic?
Is he so good? I don't know
Can't you see you treat me cruel?
Am I a little kid?
For you to treat me like this?
Hiding me the things that wouldn't let me sleep

Condescending girl am I so pathetic?
'Cause you'd be different in my place
Should I have turned the page forever?
Stop this shame
Look for another girl
and start again like a real man?
Track Name: Wish I was like you
Wish I was like you and I could
fulfill my hopes
as everybody does with
money and love

Happiness is an empty word
built to rule the weak
freedom can be measured
in what you are brave enough to think

Maybe is the reason
why I feel so alone
Cause I expect more from friendship
Cause I expect much more form love

You only own the judgments
you gave to yourself
source of your pain
but at least you handmade them

Sometimes the past you carry
bends your back
It may sound stupid
but those lies is all we have
Track Name: True Love
I learned something
about true love
You survived then you didn't love that much

Lose your lover
Lose yourself
Beg your god if he lets you lose again (beg to god if...)

It feels worse than dying
But to die once
is enough

You look trustful
You look cold
You are a coward, that makes you look so strong

I'm feeble
I'm weak
I'm brave enough to love (you) and take the risk

It feels worse than dying
But to die once
is enough
Track Name: When all you feel is pain
You are on time
When everybody is gone
You are where you oughta be
when you are left all alone
You are doing mighty well
when nobody makes the same
You found happiness
When all you feel is pain

It's not a road
it looks more like a plain
you can only see
when you've lost everything
A vision only the crazy can stand
With no doors or walls
that you don't bring yourself
Track Name: Go to school
It's really important
to go to school
where else can a boy
become such a fool?

And all those subjects
are an excuse
the real lesson
lies between the books

you got to obey
(to) the old man
you are stupid
if you ain't good at maths
you are weak
if you can't run
you are a woman
if you are not a man
Track Name: Going to Formentera
I'm going to Formentera
baby won't you tell me if you would come with me
I'm going to Formentera
we will live as hippies dancing by the sea
we will play rock and roll
as the old rockers did
we will play rock and roll
as they did

When we get there
we can marry the dawn
At night we will sleep under a stone
Time will pass
and together we'll get old
telling stories to the young
writing our sweet story of love